I should have been born a flower Untitled Document
#turtlepower #workflow
I took a walk  (at Sleepy Hollow State Park)
#babe (at Sleepy Hollow State Park)
What a beauty.
Deadly Female Hurricane  (at thug city)
Awwww thanks mama for putting a smile on my face :)
Last night I dreamed my youngest sister Katy came to visit, I dreamed I was left out by old friends that tended to make me feel that way and I just walked away finally, I dreamed I stumbled upon a murder scene (I knew that’s what it was because of the screaming face drawn in the sand that had seaweed/grass hair, rock eyes, and blood to form the lips that were in the shape of a scream. When you see that, you know someone was murdered there.) I woke up an hour later than my alarm was set for this morning, but damn it my sister Jessalyn is coming over today and my work threw me a little birthday party ^_^ #thatswhatsup
I made a new friend yesterday :)
Wrapping up work and then headed to #ferndalepride 👍
Put your hands up and reach forever
#throwbackthursday because I haven’t changed a bit. #style #weirdo #tbt
Today a client told me I was a godsend #iloveyoutoo