I should have been born a flower Untitled Document

cover yrself in art until you feel nothing but love
Those are not 11's
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Oh. That last photo is for you.

I think I have those same shoes. Mine are size elevens though. Sucks to have big feet.
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That’s my size

New dresses are the besses #style #fashion #macabre #ecclectic
I’m kind of a big deal #workflow #imtheboss #fisticuffs
I’m scared to stay here, I’m scared to leave this town But a feeling just tells me to burn this house on down
Today was a productive day at home. This calls for a hibachi dinner!!
You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see
Forests of Ferndale  (at The Loving Touch)
We like to party. We like. We like to party.
I need to know
That somehow forever is real
And we can grow through whatever we feel. Just believe that you and I are supposed to be together
Baby, put your hands up and we can reach forever