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Thanks for the note, stranger.
I love this headless tiger that someone put out by the dumpster. You’ve got so much potential!!! I see an end table or a coat rack. Or just a new buddy who I have to find a head for <3
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Yeah, it’s kinda like that. #keenancahill #trololol
Today I look like I am starring in Jurassic Park part one million
This was on my desk when I came in this morning. LOL
Learn to meditate. Start helping others. Learn a new skill. Improve your reading speed. Learn how to write poetically, be nicer to someone, try to be more outgoing, train yourself to run faster, learn how to wear makeup better, find clothes that will fit your frame, work harder towards that promotion, learn to better manage your time, change your habit of being a perfectionist, etc. Do it because you feel good about it, not because you feel bad about yourself. This is your life.
"Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." #BobMarley

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cover yrself in art until you feel nothing but love
Those are not 11's
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Oh. That last photo is for you.